My Fitness Academia

$25.00 every 4 weeks with a 4-week free trial


My Fitness Academia is a monthly subscription to some amazing workouts to help you get plus-ultra results!

Every month you will get

  • Beginner or advanced programs for the best results to each training level
  • The workouts are designed for fat loss, strength, size and conditioning (we go over how to do each)
  • Each workout has progressions and regressions built in to make the workouts adjustable for everyone
  • These workout programs build month over month with different phases to help break through plateaus
  • Video links for each exercise so there isn’t any confusion on what to do.
  • Small private members only face book group to answer questions, do video reviews for form, help with nutrition guidance.
  • Nutrition resources to help get everything inline to crush your goals.
  • Email support if you ever need anything.

You will need

  • Squat rack, free weights, pull-up bar (even if you can’t do one yet), bands

Please consult with a doctor before joining/starting any fitness program. By purchasing this product you are releasing Vanchor inc and Fitness Nerd Online for liability and responsibility.