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Fitness Group

What is a Fitness Nerd?

Fitness shouldn’t be torture, it should be energizing, empowering and make you feel like a Captain America just getting a super soldier serum. We are going to show you the ropes to your fitness journey.

Let us teach you how to power level through your own journey. We will be your Gandalf teaching you the way through the Mines of Moria.

No magic potions, no more mystical fat loss teas, or enchanted pulls. Our smart nutrition plan is based off foods you love in ways for you to enjoy your life.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help nerds, geeks and anime freaks be a part of a community of people who help them feel welcome, uplifted and teach them how to power level their own fitness. We know we have done our job when you are fit, strong and still a nerd at heart.