Success Stories

I lost 20 lbs with Evolution Fitness Coaching and have kept it off for 2 years. I look and feel great!

I was a “skinny fat” person. I did a lot of cardio (I was able to complete the Triple Crown- 3 half marathons), but I still felt fat in my clothes (not to mention out of my clothes). I held most of my weight in my belly so I wore a lot of loose tops and it would take me hours to get dressed because nothing fit right.
After starting with Evolution, I learned one nutrition habit at a time and 2 years later it’s proven to be successful for me. I never once felt I was on a diet or told I can’t eat this or that. In my case, my first couple of habits were to actually add things, like protein and greens. We never took anything away. I learned how to portion with easy tips. And I still enjoy occasional indulgence without feeling guilty!
Now the exercising! The workouts are fun! Boot camps are fun and the exercises are programmed for different levels. So beginners and experienced people can get a great workout altogether. And It’s great to see my own progress in strength!!! I used to be the girl at the gym on the treadmill. Now with the confidence I’ve gained working with Evolution, if I’m ever working out on my own i feel empowered to be in the free weights area.

Overall, they really focus on your goals, they do well working around injuries, and teach you ways to be successful in the long run, for life. Give them a try, what do you have to lose??? Besides the weight!) 🙂

Ok, where to start? Fitness Nerd Online is amazing.. everyone who is part of it, from the coaches to the members to cute little Lola * They’re very, VERY knowledgeable. It blows my mind every time I have conversations with Adrian Vanvleck about nutrition or training. He stays on top of the latest research. *They’ll work with you depending on your fitness level, whether you’re advanced or just starting.* The classes are small, which makes them much less intimidating. Also, the small community really feels like a family. We push and inspire each other.* The attention they give you is exceptional. If your goal is losing weight/body fat, it can be mentally challenging at times and these guys really support you through that journey.*But, I think the most important thing is that they really care about their members. They check in on you if you’re MIA. They make sure your training and nutrition is targeting your goals (because everyone is different). Even now with this whole “social distancing” order, they didn’t waste a minute making sure we stay healthy and active.I’ve been at other coaching programs before and I can surely say none of them compare to the service Fitness Nerd Online gives you

I’ve been apart of Evolution of Fitness Coaching since they started and I’ve only received helpful, and knowledge based advice and answers. It’s easy to spew out fitness and health tips, but being able to explain it and actually apply it to our workouts and nutrition is what they do best! Jesse and Adrian are always posting questions, and asking for our advice not only to make our experience better but to make them better trainers (if that’s even possible.) . That’s what you want. You want trainers who are constantly pushing themselves in the gym and pursuing more knowledge not only for them but for their clients!

Tony started working with us to prepare for a 12 Week Transformation Challenge. In those 12 weeks Tony lost 38 pounds, radically transformed his body and came in 11 place out of a thousand contestants.

Cindy came in to work with us after realizing her health isn’t where she wished it was. Having a major spine issue and being very deconditioned, we cared for her and made training fun, easy and most importantly to her level. We were able to use the nutrition to drive her weight lose, while using training to improve her overall life and well being. These small actions together allowed her to overcome the limitations she had and start being active with her husband again.

Jessica has been training with us online for over a year. She started training with us because she has 2 little ones that she wanted to keep up with besides having more energy to work on her baking business which wasn’t helping her waist line. While Jess started with us for weight loss she ended up becoming super strong, deadlifting over 200 pounds and is now an avid hiker with her little ones and loving husband.

This is a small, clean, and personable facility where everyone knows you by name and really makes you feel welcome. I did their 6 week program and I lost 22lbs!

They provide a meal plan and recipe book, so you know what you can and can’t eat, and have a good selection of healthy meals. You get 3 classes per week and can choose between sculpting classes for upper or lower body, or a foundations class that’s high energy and really gets you sweating, while working out various muscles on a rotating circuit

Absolutely love Adrian! He makes every workout fun and challenging. I love that when I’m there i feel like family.

He would get on the phone with me when I was struggling to make changes to my plan so I could see the results that I wanted to see.

The personal care I experienced was exceptional. Adrian knows what you can do and push you to do better. He was always there to guide me and explained the exercise well so I would be able to get the best out of it. The workouts are dynamic and energizing.

During the two first weeks I was able to drop more than 10 pounds. It was easy with the help of the meal plans and the workouts

Eva came to us never have done anything with fitness or nutrition before. She was worried, scared and intimidated from what she saw online from other place. We started small and worked her way up step by step, we started with small nutrition changes with specific focuses and built her way up.

Over 2 months she lost 30 pounds and was stronger than she ever had been before. We are grateful to have worked with her.

Fitness Nerd Online has allowed me to reach my goals I didn’t think was possible!! I took the 6 week challenge and lost 18 lbs and 6.2% body fat! It was a great transformation!! Adrian have great motivation to help you push yourself to the limits!! They are so encouraging and helpful to tweak your meal plans to reach the goals! I even became really friends with the other students to help encourage each other. Fitness Nerd is great place to meet great people while you meet your fitness goals!!! Thank you Adrian!

These guys are the best. The team treat you like family and not just another client. But don’t be fooled by them being all friendly and nice, because they will push you and keep you on track with your fitness journey. The workouts are always challenging too and they change it up as well.

I am so glad I took a chance on a facebook ad. I’ve found my fitfam.

Thank you Adrian for making me stronger, healthier and more confident!

My 6 weeks at Fitness Nerd Online have truly been transformational. The meal plan has improved my eating habits and the workouts have increased my strength- together they have improved my energy levels and my health overall. If you want results, Fitness Nerd Online will give you all the tools you need in a supportive, motivating environment. Highly recommended!!

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