Ultimate Beginner Program

By Adrian Van Vleck – Fitness Nerd Every day in my group, we get several people asking about beginner programs, and I love it. “Should I do the one punch man workout?” what about “the 21-day Heman workout?”  lol We all want to get jacked like Asta during his timeskip (beefcake Asta!) and I amContinue reading “Ultimate Beginner Program”

3 Simple Tips To Crushing Your Goals Like Naruto

I love Naruto man I love the world of shinobis, the crazy and unique abilities it has, the deep story of how all the villians are just misguided heros wanting peace (until the end when the very last person was evil for the sake of being evil). It really drew me in. I loved NarutoContinue reading “3 Simple Tips To Crushing Your Goals Like Naruto”